Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election 2012...My Thoughts

Well, Ive been silent all these months. I've read. I've listened. I've mourned. I've prayed. I've sought answers and strategy and attempted to refute those answers and the strategy that I received. My prayer has been for Father's will to be accomplished here on this earth as it is in His Heaven. I sensed a check as to what to ask for, because I believe He has a bigger picture and a greater plan than I know. His plans always are bigger and greater than anything we can conceive or dream. Years ago, while sitting in church listening to a volunteer from the local crisis pregnancy center, Holy Spirit told me three times that abortion was not the worst thing that could happen to someone. I was shocked and asked what He meant. His answer, in my spirit, was that those little ones are instantly in His presence and are fully who they were created to be. The parents and abortion providers who are driven from seeking Him because of the venom and lack of love directed at them by those seeking to "save" the unborn, are much worse off if they spend eternity without Him. He wasn't giving me an endorsement for abortion, but a glimpse into His bigger picture. I shared some of that reasoning at a meeting months later for picketing abortion centers. I said that we were operating as the world does in our actions and attitudes and those were not winning strategies. We needed to be more concerned about reaching those involved in the abortion process through our love instead of our anger or judgment. I was thanked for my remarks and told that I didn't understand the situation. Thankfully, many years later, love appears to be the strategy that many followers of Christ are working from in the abortion arena. Father God has a bigger role for His Church and a greater plan for America than we can accomplish without our reliance on Him. I've observed our Christian populace relax in our nation when we have leaders that appear to be closely aligned with our creed. We don't seem to have much intensity in being the Light and Salt we are called to be. We have become so similiar to the world in which we live, that most observers would only know we are "christians" by our church attendance or the crosses we wear. We have become ready victims to the lure and seduction of the world in which we live until something or someone challenges a "right" that is perceived to be ours! Oh, Church, we were created and called for so much more! We weren't called to follow blindly behind the world's ways while we sing our religious dirges. We're called to be Light and Salt to a dying world! We're called to repair the broken fences in our nation and to shore up our walls! We're called to walk in love towards our brethren in Christ and to reach out in love to those outside the family of faith. The Word states that His love never fails and that when the world sees how we love each other, they will be drawn to Him. Anyone got a better plan than that? I don't think so! Psalm 20:7 states, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God." This election, as all others I've observed, have had our "chariots" of Republican and Democrat. We had our "horses" named Obama and Romney this time. Our hope, our salvation cannot be in anything but the Lord Eternal, Jehovah! Regardless of whether your "horse" won or lost, we have a challenge and a call to be a source of life, love, hope and peace that reaches across party lines, religious beliefs and any other divisive thing. Will we heed the call this time, or will we decide to hunker down and just ride out the storm as many did last week when Sandy hit the northeast? Now is not the time to cease being the Church. Now is the time for the Church to manifest the person of Jesus Christ to our perishing nation. It is easier to just be religious, but that is not what we are to be. Stand and take up the mantle of salvation that we have been given and light the path for our nation to once again become, "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."!

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